Criminal Solicitor Sydney


What should a Criminal Solicitor in Sydney Offer You?

Choosing a criminal solicitor in Sydney is frustrating enough, without having to worry that choosing the wrong person could mean you end up in jail.

There are ways to ensure the criminal solicitor in Sydney that you do choose, however, is not only perfect for your case, but could also help you win it.

How accessible is the solicitor? -- Before you hire a criminal solicitor, be sure any that you interview are accessible within a reasonable period of time if you ask a question. That time period should be no more than 48 hours. One that does not return a phone call or email by that time is not one you should hire.

Do they communicate well? -- You do want to be sure you understand everything that is happening with your case, and that you are kept abreast of any new developments as they happen.

Find out how well and how quickly a criminal solicitor in Sydney communicates, and refuse to hire those that do not.

Familiarity with the Criminal Code -- A solicitor that is familiar with the parts of the Australian Criminal Code that pertain to your case is one you should seriously consider. One that has represented several people before that have been accused of the same crime is you is one you should consider even more seriously.

What is their success rate? -- The success rate of any solicitor is important. The success rate of one that may be able to keep you out of jail is extremely important.

Ask any criminal solicitor Sydney that you interview how many cases they have represented that were similar to yours, and how many of these cases did they win?

Avoid any solicitor with a low success rate. Gravitate towards ones that seem to win more cases than they lose.

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